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Ratio's company and culture is a lot like our platform. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. We believe if you bring together the right people, diverse ideas, and vision you'll create amazing results. That's what we believe, that's who we are.

Our Mission

Solve problems & challenges faster

Building, connecting, and innovating represent our mission and brand commitment to fostering growth and progress through collaboration and connectivity. We believe in the power of proactively building strong foundations and forging meaningful partnerships that drive positive change.

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Our Story

Throughout their early careers, Michael Farber and Jim Benson were branded as mavericks for how they challenged everything and reimagined business models.


In 2018, they decided to do it again by creating an open playing field / marketplace by which startups, small businesses, and other innovators had access to market opportunities and market customers to their innovations.


5 years, 3.5 m company profiles, and a dozen pivots later, Ratio has emerged as a premier Ecosystem platform that customers use to bring people together to solve problems and and challenges faster. 

Meet The Team

We've spent our careers driving forward change in both the private and government sectors. Together, we are building the next-generation platform to enable dramatic, accelerate change for innovators, entrepreneurs, companies, and the government.


Jim Benson

Chief Operating & Tech Officer


Michael Farber

Chief Strategy Officer


Kelleigh Benson

Digital Marketing Manager


Jeff Rose

Chief Revenue Officer


Jerry McQuoid

Chief Experience Officer

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