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  • Jerry McQuoid

Revitalizing U.S. Defense Innovation through Ratio’s Marketplace

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) confronts significant barriers in harnessing and implementing cutting-edge technologies, crucial for maintaining its global defense leadership. These challenges stem from entrenched systemic issues that stifle the agility and responsiveness essential in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. A sophisticated sourcing marketplace, like Ratio’s, could offer groundbreaking solutions to these obstacles, fundamentally transforming the defense innovation Ecosystem.

Modernizing the R&D Model

The first major impediment is the DoD’s outdated research and development (R&D) model, which struggles to keep pace with the swift advancements of the commercial sector. Ratio’s Marketplace rejuvenates this model by fostering direct partnerships between the DoD and tech innovators, providing a streamlined channel for the DoD to access and adopt commercial technologies at the speed of relevance.

Enhancing Acquisition Agility

The protracted and rigid acquisition processes of the DoD often lead to significant delays in deploying new technologies. Ratio’s platform provides a more dynamic procurement environment that encourages competition and innovation, shortening the timeline from development to deployment through efficient matching of defense needs with cutting-edge solutions.

Expanding the Defense Industrial Base

The consolidation of the defense industrial base has limited the diversity of ideas and solutions reaching the defense sector. By lowering entry barriers for startups and non-traditional defense companies, Ratio’s Marketplace injects fresh innovation into the defense Ecosystem, broadening the base of suppliers and fostering a more competitive and vibrant industrial landscape.

Bridging the "Valleys of Death"

Many promising technologies fail to transition from the R&D phase to operational deployment, falling into the so-called "valleys of death." Ratio’s platform serves as a crucial bridge across these valleys, ensuring that viable innovations find their path to market by aligning developers with defense procurement opportunities and facilitating continuous feedback loops between end-users and Ratio.

Promoting Programmatic Flexibility and Open Systems

Finally, the DoD’s program-centric acquisition strategy and the cultural resistance to change hamper the integration of modular, interoperable systems. Ratio’s Marketplace advocates for open systems architectures and promote a culture of innovation and adaptability. By prioritizing solutions that offer interoperability and modularity, the platform could help the DoD pivot towards more flexible and responsive procurement practices.


In facing these systemic challenges, the potential of a platform like Ratio’s Marketplace to catalyze defense innovation cannot be overstated. By addressing the critical issues of outdated R&D models, sluggish acquisition processes, a narrowing industrial base, the transition valleys, and rigid programmatic structures, Ratio’s platform unlocks a new era of efficiency, agility, and innovation for U.S. defense capabilities. In harnessing the power of such a marketplace, the DoD will ensure its continued leadership in the global defense arena, ready to meet the complex challenges of the 21st century and beyond.


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Jerry McQuoid

Chief Experience Officer




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