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The #1 Ecosystem Platform

We build and connect Ecosystems that unite people, organizations, and agendas.

Create and launch any kind of Ecosystem. Enable mass transparency that engages and connects your Ecosystem to find resources and solutions to solve problems and challenges faster.   

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Ecosystems accelerate results

There's no question that engaging your Ecosystems can produce results. The question is, do you have an Ecosystem and are you producing results as fast as you need to?

Solve problems & challenges faster.

Establish mass transparency and optionality by engaging and integrating your Ecosystem into your agenda.

Reduce time to solution & accelerate innovation.

Research over 3.5 million companies, discover new and existing solutions, challenge the market to solve your problem or challenge.

Enable partnerships & collaboration at scale.

Facilitate, create, and enable open partnerships, establish bridges that connect stakeholders and collaboration at scale.

Connect, create, collaborate

Ratio Ecosystems establish a fair and transparent market that provides equal opportunities for everyone.

Ecosystem Owners

Research over 3.5 million companies
Engage and challenge the market
Innovation faster, solve problems quicker

Academia & Labs

Access early demand
Accelerate tech transfer
License technologies


Discover & invest in companies
Analyze & understand buying patterns
Gain early access to demand

Businesses & Partners

Get discovered faster
Sell your products or services
Engage in customer agenda

Incubators & Accelerators

Discover opportunities
Access cash and non-dilutive funding
Compete on an open playing field


Position products and services
Research trends and patterns
Establish new business models

Defense Customer, Florida

“Ratio is a force multiplier that has saved us thousands of hours engaging the market to find the right companies and capabilities to solve our challenges."

Choose one of our flagship Ecosystem products or build your own

Ecosystems that have been pre-configured with apps that allow you to launch quickly.  No coding required.

Sourcing Ecosystem

Where buyers and suppliers come together to solve problems. Challenge suppliers and research over 3.5 million supplier profiles.

Talent Ecosystem

Where organizations, universities, students, and interns come together to build skills and capabilities to answer tomorrow's workforce challenges.

Partner Ecosystem

Where prime contractors capitalizing on their partner & subcontractor network to bring customers the very best innovation for their contracts.


Discover apps to build, grow, and extend your Ecosystem

Explore over 25 plug-and-play apps that can be seamlessly connected and configured to extend Ecosystem capabilities. No coding required.

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Meet Eco.

Eco is Ratio's virtual AI assistant that is integrated into many of our Apps. Eco helps you write content, analyze content, find companies and capabilities, and creates more time in your day.

  your new virtual AI Ecosystem assistant  

Write your Request for Information (RFI) 
Draft your Request for Proposal (RFP) 
Write a Challenge you can issue to the market
Answer any question you may have

Get started now.

Talk to an Ecosystem Success Manager about your vision and what you're trying to accomplish and let him or her work their magic to show you the art of the possible.

Stay in the know.

Join one or more of our email lists to get exclusive challenge opportunities, stay up-to-day on the platform, or join Ecosight, our weekly roundup of what's going on across all Ecosystems.

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